Take the size of the item into context, a war staff cannot be put into a lectern but maybe in your hunting closet. All user ideas can be seen on this page. Play with a race that has few last names, like Altmer. For drinks, you can mix ingredients and call the potion "Juice". , search. There are no other superpowered individuals. I already have a few ideas on how I will bring this floor plan to life. Keep in mind when reading through these tips that they are merely meant to serve as suggestions. Continue playing and live with the consequences of the mistake. When entering a dungeon, carry a torch and walk slowly, on the lookout for unknown dangers. This may include people acting immaturely, they didn't mean or want to start combat. - And either tries to avoid fights or only kills in self-defense? Leave your favorite weapon atop your weapons chest, a. Roleplay on RPG is organized into Universes, which can be explored by topic. That's it for the blog post, we'll read it again next week. One of the main aspects of the roleplay is how the world around them changes as a result: laws being put into place, public reaction, being skyrocketed into the media as a result, etc. Your idea must be readable to other users. Rest after a fight so you are prepared for your next encounter. If you own a nice home (, Create displays that commemorate your adventures, for example by showcasing items representing animals or people you have conquered: a, Flag your storage chests to give you a hint as to what they contain. Put your armor in the cupboards, put your sword on the bed next to you, etc, before you sleep. What are things that i should do from beginning to end that you guys reccomend? Do not edit any of the ideas listed on the example's roleplaying page. The Oblivion Roleplaying Expansion (ORE) is a growing project meant to make Oblivion a better roleplaying game. Play as the classic enemy of Skyrim and rob adventures for their riches. In this RP you can jump to other games. Roleplaying a Monk - posted in Oblivion Discussion: Hi everyone. I'm getting really bored of just doing side quests/guild quests. If you use a shield in combat, equip a two-handed weapon or a bow when in towns so that you can use both hands without your shield getting in the way. There are a wide variety of ideas for how to make the game more realistic, that can be used alone or combined based upon your preferences. Play the game according to your chosen race: Try to only use skills that your race favors (e.g., skills for which your race has positive modifiers). - posted in Oblivion Discussion: I just started playing a new character, Silian Roscius, an Imperial male. The Main Quest is disabled at the start, so you can go do some adventuring without having to worry … Stop and pray at chapels during your travels. Chat with the proprietor and tell them to take extra good care of your horse and bribe him as payment. #oblivion roleplay. Other Altmer that you like, or even dislike, for drama, are your relatives. Give your character a race appropriate name. If you become attached to the NPCs in the game, you can pay homage to them after they die. Stay healthy! Make your family race-appropriate so no Altmer fathers and Orc children. If you're a Vineyard Helper, duplicate wine or grapes; if you're a Mage's Apprentice, duplicate soul gems, etc. Always leave your horse at a stable, in its paddock. Right now, the only piece of armour I'm wearing is heavy gloves. If you are role-playing a job for which you should be paid, you can receive your pay in multiple ways: Pickpocket your pay from the person you're dealing with. Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and/or activity. Tell your followers to wait in a place where they would actually stay (Inn, bar, guild hall etc.). Intro: This is a roleplaying guide, something that teaches you how to play Oblivion as if your character is a normal person, not a superhuman non sleeping juggernaut. Use appropriate equipment (Orcs use Orcish; Elves use Elven; etc.). Play as a quick, stealthy race that obtains food by hunting. This page was last modified on 29 December 2014, at 15:04. I've been reading up a lot about how people roleplay in Skyrim and Oblivion -- and I have both games, so I'd like to try to roleplay in either one, I love them both so feel free to suggest for whatever one. 1. Choose a god to follow based on your character's race and class. Invite friends who love oblivion/skyrim/morrowind or other eldercrolls games. Once you have eaten, wait for one hour to show it takes time to actually eat--you haven't just instantly eaten your meal. Conduct a memorial ceremony, for example by shooting a flame arrow into the sky just outside the temple. Please let me know if you have any good ideas. A monk's weapon is his body. You don't need to run/jump everywhere. If you must travel in poor weather, wear appropriate attire. Almost no armour. Given that most people don't have supernatural attention spans, try not to wait for long periods of time all at once, unless there is a good reason (e.g., you're spying on someone). And rightly so. Leave an apple or carrot near your horse. you would put Fighter in your role group and etc.). To list your own ideas, you must have an account. By playing as if your character has a personality and preferences beyond the game's basic statistics, you can add additional depth and interest. How can you put seven sets of armor a war axe and six tower shields into one chest? Bathe periodically by taking off your clothes and swimming. Consider running to find a camp or cave to wait out the storm. Lorerunner's Oblivion Roleplay 15: Got To Get Out Of This City by Lorerunner. Consider running to find a camp or cave to wait out the storm. There are many options for decorating your house: Place appropriate items throughout: books on bookshelves, wine in wine racks, decorative armor on shelves, writing items on desks, food and dishes in the kitchen. Do not reload your last save game after making a mistake, such as killing someone accidentally. What creature or race does he/she hate/like the most? Also your desk should not contain weapons and armor even if it would fit. Beyond that, you can choose to incorporate limitations that make gameplay more realistic or more challenging, as detailed in Increased Realism. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is praised as one of the best role-playing games ever made. If you strongly believe in your god then you could wake up every day at a certain time and place a gift on the altar. (You can repair it for real afterward.). The example's Ideas page can be seen here. The installer provides two installation options: Either let the installer copy the core files of your current Oblivion installation to make a separate standalone MERP installation (recommended for most people) or install in an existing Oblivion installation (which has to be 'clean', i.e. The ten character types below serve as basic ideas of common roleplaying types. Click the button below to create a new roleplaying idea: Guidelines: There are a couple of things to consider when creating your own roleplaying types: This serves as an example as to how to create a Roleplaying Ideas page and how the setup should look if adding your idea. Read through and study the holy texts of your religion. Put a realistic limit on how much gear can go into a container. Although it is not necessary, eating regularly is an easy way to enhance roleplaying. Take a walk in the forests. For example, if you are RP in Skyrim, then you can travel to Cyrodiil. Spend nights in inns or taverns. Roleplaying is an optional way of playing the game, by playing as if your character has a personality and preferences beyond the game's basic statistics, such as a backstory or playing with increased realism. Most of these will be Metallica Roleplays with the occasional Megadeth one thrown in there. Have a hunting bow and iron/steel arrows, plus an iron or steel dagger. Only deal with merchants of your race; generally try to help NPCs of your race. Slow down! So hand to hand skill is a must 2. For more realism, drop them in a sunny place and wait for them to dry; if it's cloudy, wait a bit longer. Please … I decided to try something new. And many of these ideas influenced a game called Skyrim that you might have heard of… Having first released back in 2007, Oblivion just doesn’t look as nice as modern games. Scatter flowers and torches where someone died. In other words, if your brother was a Chancellor, you would have much influence. RP in the comments. Our characters will be the first. Bribe members in the area for overdue fees. Any new ideas or changes to existing ideas must follow the guidelines set forth on that article. Wash dishes, create new foods, entertain, perhaps even take your guests on 'tours' of the majesty of Anvil's shores. This can be changed depending on what race your character is. This is the Roleplaying Ideas page, which contains lists of users' roleplaying ideas. Yes, I'm sure this thread has been made many a time, but I'm completley out of ideas. There are several basic ways you can customize your character to resemble your rolemodel: You don't necessarily have to start a new character, although your options are more limited if you are building on an existing character. This is the Roleplaying Ideas page, which contains lists of users' roleplaying ideas. I made a custom class for him, the Hunter. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995. Wash your clothes, too, by dropping them in the water. A Naruto-like ninja. Both of his roleplaying ideas can now be seen on their respective pages, as well as on the Main User Roleplaying Page. I'll update this as I get new ideas. You can choose to roleplay either in Oblivion, Skyrim, or Morrowind. Lately I've sort of been rushing through the game and enjoying a lot less because of it, but can't seem to roleplay in fun or interesting ways. Sometimes, they can also represent a character's occupation. Rename the items (by enchanting them, for example) to name them after the NPC who used them. Worship your Chosen god through activities that would please your particular god. If you think fights with bears and wolves should be desperate struggles for survival, push the difficulty slider to the right. Customize your character's appearance to match your rolemodel. If you do run while you travel, take the occasional rest. Leave out profanity and nonsense in your ideas. See more ideas about oblivion, oblivion movie, tom cruise. If you must wait instead of sleeping then wait under a balcony or a tree, or in a crevice in a wall, to simulate sleeping on the streets or wilderness. Under the ten roleplaying character types listed below, you can view the different types of user-created roleplaying ideas. Visit the chapel every morning and pray. You can make multiple entries on your Roleplaying Ideas page; just click the button below to create each additional entry. Enchant items to rename them. Into_Oblivion. You can create and develop your character to emulate any person you like, including heroes from stories and movies. His main skills (if I remember correctly) are sneak, marksman, alchemy, armorer, light armor, athletics and acrobatics. Im a huge Skyrim fan and I really enjoy Oblivion's quest and style a lot better compared to it so Im looking to play Oblivion again (properly) and enjoy it. Adjust the difficulty slider based on your game-play preferences. You can browse the various user created ideas to see their roleplaying variations of these types. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion roleplay/gameplay ideas? If it is raining or snowing, your map could get soaked and most likely ruined. Set in a small town, the catalyst for the roleplay is a high school reunion, some 7 years after graduation, wherein certain events lead to our group of untimely people gaining powers. When your health drops below a certain level, flee from the battle, preferably to the nearest town and seek help from the guards (however, make sure the guards can actually defeat your enemies). Summary: Like the title says, this is a thingy that I'm publishing in the hopes of gaining a few friends and roleplay partners. Role-playing is a highly subjective experience, so most players are going to each have different ideas about what increases their enjoyment of the game. You can choose a role group from the character types listed below, i.e. Play next; Play now; Lorerunner's Oblivion Roleplay 16: The Darker Side of Cyrodil Please keep the spelling and grammar mistakes to a minimum. If your parents or close family are rich or powerful, then you have great power where they live. Take the Akaviri blades of any Blades who fall in combat and place them in. Seeds, flowers and other things could make a meal. Roleplay ideas Recently got a nostalgia rush for Oblivion and decided to start playing again properly for the first time in years. This page was last modified on 21 August 2011, at 00:21. Only run full speed when you are attacked or urgently need to get somewhere. Oblivion: Roleplaying Ideas. You could therefore celebrate these days by acting as a madman on Sheogorath's summoning day, reading books all day when it's the summoning day of Hermaeus Mora, etc. and decided it was best to create a … If dealing with someone like a Pirate, either drag them onto their ship or into the sea and let them float. See more ideas about Fantasy map, Elder scrolls, Elder scrolls skyrim. PC players can enhance many of these ideas by adding various third-party mods. When possible, stick to the roads. This is a compilation of many small mods that increase roleplaying immersion. Eat three meals a day at the appropriate times (or less if you are poor). Duplicate items relevant to your job. For example as a Khajiit, worship the Khajiit pantheon and drink Skooma to make you feel closer to the Lunar Lattice. Page 1 of 2 - ROLEplaying ideas? So I REALLY want to hop onto Oblivion and play it throughly for times sake. Specific character ideas can be found linked to from the roleplaying ideas article. From … If you find yourself a long way away from a house or an inn, then gather some nearby natural ingredients. Role-Playing Oblivion : New Beginnings 1.0 is a plugin that allows you to start in 30 different locations when beginnings a new game. If you need help setting up your Ideas page, see the example below, or bring your problem up on the talk page. After having an account, you can click the button below to create your own Roleplaying Idea page, where you will list all your ideas. See how the livestock and townspeople are doing. Don't run nonstop between cities through the middle of the wilderness, jumping over boulders, running into trees, and swimming across lakes. Right now, I'm roleplaying a Monk character. Take care of your horse more realistically. Or you can model your character after any favorite person, real or fictional. If you are caught in the wilderness at night, stop by the side of the road as if you were camping for the night. Skyrim or Oblivion roleplay ideas? Anyone is free to view these pages, add information to them, or list your own ideas. Worship according to your race if you hold pride in it. Example did the same thing with Frankenstein by clicking the button again, adding {{Roleplaying|Frankenstein|Scientist}} in a new section on his page.